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Boundary Walls

Boundary Walls

Product Advantages

Easy Handling - Due to the controlled casting environmentit is easier to control the mix, placement and curing.
Better quality - Quality can be monitired much more easily as the components are manufactured in a controlled environment.
Weather- independent - As the production is largely indoors, the vagaries of the weather do not wreck timelines and product quality.
Not labour- intensive - The number of hands required as well as the time for which they are required , both are curtailed
Easy Installation - On site, precast can be installed immediately as there is no down time for it to gain strength also, the modularity of precast products makes installation go quickly.

Types of Applications

* Compound Walls
* Godowns
* Labour Quarters
* Security Buildings
* Office Building
* Industrial Sheds
* Garden Curbing

Technical Details

Pole Dimensions - 150mm/150mm, Length 4 feet to 12 feet groove width 60mm and depth 40mm.
Pole Weight - 14kg/rft (approx)
Pole Reinforcement - 4mm dia. high tensile carbonized steel wire 7 nos.
Panel Dimensions - 1 foot wide, 50 mm (2 inch thick)
Panel Weight - 7'.0* 1.0"Size 77kg.(Approx)
Panel Reinfocement: - 3mm dia.high tensile carbonized steel wire 4 nos.
Grade of Concrete - M-30 Design mix