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Wall Partitions

Wall Partitions

Revolutionsing Construction

Our unique ready - to - install Aerocon Panels is Poised to revolutionise building construction , taking it to whole new level. They are sandwhich panels, made of two fibre reinforced cement facing sheets, on either sides of a lightweight concrets core. The core is made from a mix of portland cement and binders.
Apart from being fully cured at the factory itself,Aerocon's panels have a tongue and groove jointing system that facilities rapid construction with minimum effort.
Holding patents in 7 countries, Aerocan panels is an ideal solution for dry walls and partitions. This innovative green product certified by the IGBC and GRIHA, stems from our commitment to create greener buildings, for a greener planet.

Type of Applications

Partitions - Offices, Malls ,educational institutions , hotels/restaurants, housing residential, govt/defence,industrial & infrastructure,textile units.
Prefab Structures - Accomodation units,site offices,security & store rooms,warehouse/go-downs,schools,army barracks, low cost housing.
Mezzannie Flooring - Industrial /Sez, Warehouse/Go-downs,Store Rooms ,Shopping Malls ,Govt defence, etc..
Cladding - Shopping malls , School/college/university, duct covering, siteoffices & adminstrator offices
Boundary / Fencing - Residential, commercial, govt/defence, etc..
Fire Separation Walls - Shopping malls , hotels,stair case enclosures


  • Cost : Light-Weight, therfore results in structural savings upto 20%
  • Time: 10-20 times faster to construct
  • Labour : Pre-cured and ready-to-use , therffore elimates on -site curing


  • Long-Lasting : Cement Based Panels
  • High Axial Compression and bending
  • Strength : Can build load - bearing structures


  • Support : Design and BOQ
  • Trainnig: Regularly conducted on the use ofAercan Panels
  • Feedback : Site visits and feedack on the Aerocan panels work


  • Thinner Walls : Provides Additional Carpet area
  • Upto 5%


  • Save resources: Cement and Sand are not required
  • Reusuable : The unique tongue & groove joint makes it easy to uninstall
  • Eco -Friendly : Use of Fly ash


  • Fire : Design and BOQ
  • Weather: Can withstand adverse conditions
  • Termite and water -resistant : Doesn't permit the growth of bacteria and fungus
  • Toxic emissions:none